Bison, emissions in three days." And the health authority announced...Still insecurity

The continuing anxiety over the detected arsenic of the Japanese BCG vaccine has made it clear that health authorities are not at risk.

There's a lot of concern about whether there's enough vaccine, and Bae Joon-woo asked.


Health authorities are once again on the evolution of the arsenic-detected BCG vaccine.

The level of arsenic detection is less than one-third of the international standard and fits only once in a lifetime, so that's not something to worry about.

He also repeated that most arsenic leaves within 72 hours, so there is no problem.

Parents are not relieved.

[Hu Ji-hye/Seoul Guro-gu: I can't believe it. I'm not sure if it's really emission or not.]

Lee Jung-mi/Seoul Guro-gu: I think it's an uneasy situation to trust the government's announcement and raise children.]

I am also worried that parents who have not yet received BCG vaccine from their children.

We're worried about the lack of a vaccine called a vaccine for contraceptives.

[Gangnam Health Center: Ten calls a minute. I was almost paralyzed. I wanted to make a reservation for the blood injection.]

The CDC found 400,000 vaccinations.

The health authorities say the amount will be sufficient until the first half of next year as about 20,000 infants are vaccinated every month.

However, because the vaccine relies on full imports, it is still a variable whether it will be delivered reliably after that.

[Patient of the Centers for Disease Control]: There are a lot of Danish content BCGs coming in. We can bring in more if we need to.]스포츠토토

Reservation is required because several people get a large bottle.

[Exhaustive man/children: Gyeongpi-yong (painting agent) was inoculated at any time, and in case of the subject, the drug cannot be opened individually (no).]

There are 376 hospitals and 255 health centers across the country that can receive vaccine shots of blood.

(Video: Kim Seung-tae, Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Shin So-young)

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